Company Overview

Parchment offers a range of products that improve the college admissions process for students and administrators. The mission was to unify the four companies original companies that formed Parchment through a cohesive user experience and brand.

My Contributions

I designed the fully responsive UX architecture and visual experience that unified Parchment through a comprehensive style guide. My work contributed to a 25% increase in revenue and a 97% decrease in support contacts per transaction.



UX, UI and Visual Design


Mobile Web, Desktop Web


Spring 2014 - Present


Responsive Transcript Ordering

Sending transcripts is the main feature for the high school student experience. The user experience includes multiple forms, searches, tables, and a checkout flow. I took a complicated series of steps and turned them into a clean, mobile first experience that reduced the total number of steps and screens while maintaining all necessary functionality.


High School Student Dashboard

Users needed one command center for sending transcripts, managing their college list, and discovering new schools. The previous dashboard consisted of six feature blocks without a clear hierarchy. The dashboard I created limited the page to four key features within a clear hierarchy based on quantitative usage data.