Idea Factory

Company Overview

Idea Factory is an internal tool built by myself and a few friends to help us track product, feature, and business ideas. The goal was to build a system for moving ideas along the pipeline to user ready products. Idea Factory is one product of that system.

My Contributions

I designed the user experience, including architecture, interfaces, and retention triggers. Idea Factory is currently in it’s third private iteration with over 355 ideas generated by four people. I will continue to iterate Idea Factory, prepping for a public launch.



UX, UI, Retention


Responsive Web


Summer 2014


Quick, Mobile Idea Submission

Submitting new ideas is the main feature of Idea Factory. The design objectives were speed and mobile accessibility.

The cliché back of the napkin story is often used, because you never know when an idea will come to you and need to be captured. We needed the ability to submit an idea in under a minute was crucial. To achieve this I reduced the form fields to just the essentials and made it easy to progress through the flow without clicking, even for a non-technical user. The web app was designed mobile first.