Product Overview

Aww is an iOS app for creating cute animal memes and cards to send to friends. The goal of Aww was to give animal lovers access to a large database of photos and tools to personalize the images. We continued to evolve Aww to increase sharing and retention.

My Contributions

I designed the ux, graphics, and user interface for Aww.  The objective was to design a fast way to find the perfect photo to make a card or meme with. I designed an interactive tour within the user interface that helped new users make their first card or meme.



UX, UI, Graphics


iOS, Responsive Web


Spring 2014

Aww - Meme 3.png

Meme Writing

The main feature of Aww was the meme creator, which was part of the photo editing tools. Memes, and cards, allowed users to generate unique, targeted content that they wanted to share. I found that users who were exposed to more memes during their first session were more likely to generate high quality content. We began showing a set of default, high quality memes for first time users. This increased content generation from new users.


New User Tour

To onboard new users I designed an interactive tour experience that introduced key features and navigational elements.