About Me

Hi there! My name is Jess. I’m a product leader with a passion for solving real problems for real people. Currently I am the Director of Product at 3DR. At 3DR we build reality capture solutions for construction and mining that increase efficiency and improve safety while saving our customers millions every year.

My design career began when I created a realtime social shopping application before Pinterest ruled the space. I've helped companies like Bonobos market and sell their products. Making money is useful. Today I lead product and design for 3DR in sunny Berkeley, CA. 

I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma where creative problem solving was a daily activity. In 2006 I left one farm for another, starting a 5 year stint at Stanford that ended with a masters of science. When not working you can find me on the tennis court, at a live show, or improving my photography skills.

In the past I’ve given talks at design programs like TradeCraft on product design and user research. Watch it here.


Design Training

I was first introduced to design at the Stanford Institute of Design, also known as the d.School. I studied design thinking from some of my heroes like David Kelley, Dave Berry, and John Edson. This is where I developed a strong appreciation for the design thinking process, which I used to start my first venture.